Georgie Tease Art

Adult themed paintings, drawings & Designs


I am never happier than when I am creating work that is sensual, vibrant and full of joie de vivre.
I was born in London in 1963 and my earliest memories are of drawing.
I recall  trying to capture people and horses with assorted crayons, and my first ‘gallery’ was my grandmas kitcen,
 which was covered with small drawings on paper.
I studied 3D design at Ravensbourne Art College in the early 1980’s, and during the 90’s was lucky to be mentored by cartoonist – Roy Mitchell (Mitch) of the Daily Mirror Group.
I embraced Roys sense of fun along with my love of line and design.
The shapes and patterns I can create from the human form,  provides me with endless inspiration.


Of all of the genres, cartooning gives me the most joy. To capture the silliness of the human condition is something that will always inspire me.

Abstract Art

This is a magical mystery tour. I never know where I am going. I allow the work to guide me and wait until it tells me it's finished!

Vibrant Art

I love to use strong line and colour to create powerful designs. Shape and flow are enormously important to me.

Sensual Art

This is my passion. To create tender images of love that reach out and speak to the viewer in their own unique way.

Love of life drawing

I have had a love of life drawing (drawing direct from a nude model) since I was 16. In over 40years, that love has remained. Many of my works begin as studies from a figure, then develope into cartoons, voluptuous designs or abstracts. I rarely know which direction drawings will take me, but in some strange way, they talk to me and I find that they take on a life of their own.

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